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RTP Bitrate: High (RTP Informação)
Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) is the Portuguese public broadcaster headquartered in Lisbon.
RTP Informação (News) High (LIVE) - sometimes off-air
RTP Internacional (International Ch.) High (LIVE)
RTP 1 (General Programming) High (LIVE) - sometimes off-air
RTP 2 (Culture / Education / Children) High (LIVE) - sometimes off-air
RTP Memória (Classic RTP, etc.) High (LIVE) - sometimes off-air
RTP África (for African Communities) High (LIVE)
RTP Madeira (for the Madeira Islands) High (LIVE)
RTP Açores (for the Azores Islands) High (LIVE)
Genre: General Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Económico TV (ETV) Bitrate: High
Económico TV (ETV / E') is a business and financial news channel.
Genre: Business Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Euronews Português Bitrate: High (Click on "PLAY" button)
Euronews Português is a Portuguese-language news channel headquartered in Lyon, France.
Genre: News Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

TVI Bitrate: High
Televisão Independente (TVI) is a commercial television station. News videos are available online.
TVI - Vídeos (News Videos) High (VOD)
TVI 24 - Vídeos (News Videos) High (VOD)
Genre: News, etc. Language: Portuguese Style: VOD

ARtv (canal PARLAMENTO) Bitrate: High / 240K
Live broadcast from the Assembleia da República (Assembly of the Republic).
Genre: Parliament Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

TV Ciência Bitrate: High / 1.1M
TV Ciência is a science news channel. Archived videos (science-related videos) are also available online.
Genre: Science Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Regiões TV (RTV) Bitrate: High
Regiões TV (RTV) is a cable television channel based in Porto, Norte Region.
Genre: General (Regional) Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

TV Porto Bitrate: High
TV Porto is a government-access television station run by the City of Porto.
Genre: Public TV (Local) Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Tv Fátima Bitrate: High (Webcam)
TV Fátima is a local television station based in Fátima, Centro Region. It offers live webcam of "Our Lady of Fátima". News videos are also available online.
Genre: News (Local), Cam Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE / VOD

Lusophonie TV Bitrate: 330K / 330K / 330K
Lusophonie TV is a web TV station for Lusophone people (Portuguese-speaking people) in France. The headquarters is located in Lyon, France.
Genre: Variety Language: Portuguese, Fr Style: LIVE

Hi-Life TV (linkrot) Bitrate: High / 1.0M
- Offers entertainment programming.
Genre: Entertainment Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

ManáSat Bitrate: High (TV Maná 1)
ManáSat is a Christian broadcaster owned and operated by Igreja Maná.
TV Maná 1 (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
Kurios TV (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
Basta Crer (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Brasil (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Argentina (in Spanish) 400K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Espanhol (in Spanish) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Ingles (in English) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Frances (in French) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Moçambique (in Portuguese) 350K (LIVE)
Genre: Religion Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Enlace Portugal Bitrate: High
Enlace Portugal is a Christian TV station based in Elvas (in Centro Alentejo / Portalegre) .
Genre: Religion Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

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