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i24news Bitrate: High (i24news - in English)
I24NEWS (i24news) is a 24-hour news and current affairs channel based in Tel Aviv. It broadcasts in English, French and Arabic.
i24news (in English) - Live Stream High (LIVE)
i24news (in French) - Live Stream High (LIVE)
i24news (in Arabic) - Live Stream High (LIVE)
Genre: Parliament Language: En, Fr, Ar Style: LIVE

Channel 2 (Arutz 2) Bitrate: High / High
Channel 2 (2 ערוץ‎ / Arutz 2 / Arutz shtaim) is an Israeli commercial television channel owned and controlled by the Second Authority for Television and Radio. The channel currently has two concessionaires: Reshet and Keshet.
Live Stream (on Reshet) High / High (LIVE)
Live Stream (on Keshet) High (LIVE)
Genre: General Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Channel 10 Bitrate: High / High
Channel 10 is a commercial television channel operated under the auspices of the Second Authority for Television and Radio.
Genre: General Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Knesset Channel Bitrate: High / 280K
The Knesset is the legislature of Israel. It offers live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings.
Genre: Parliament Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Rodnoy Telekanal Bitrate: High
Rodnoy Telekanal (Телеканал Родной) is a Russian-language television station for Russian-speaking people living in Israel. The headquarters is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Genre: General Language: Russian Style: LIVE

Jerusalem Online Bitrate: High
Jerusalem Online is an online news website that offers English news videos broadcast on Channel 2 (Arutz 2).
Genre: News Language: English Style: VOD

Arutz Sheva (home) Bitrate: High
Arutz Sheva (Israel National News / INNTV) is an internet television station offering online streaming television programs in English and Hebrew.
Videos in English High (VOD)
Videos in Hebrew High (VOD)
Genre: News, etc. Language: English, Hebrew Style: VOD

MSN Video Bitrate: High
Offers general news and enterteinment topics in Hebrew language.
Genre: News, etc. Language: Hebrew Style: VOD

Hidabroot Bitrate: High
Hidabroot Channel is a Jewish television station based in Petah Tikva, Central District.
Genre: Religion Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Kabbalah TV Bitrate: 360K (in English)
Kabbalah learning channel.
TV in English 360K (LIVE)
TV in French 360K (LIVE)
TV in Spanish 360K (LIVE)
TV in Hebrew 360K (LIVE)
TV in Italian 360K (LIVE)
TV in Portuguese 360K (LIVE)
TV in German 360K (LIVE)
TV in Russian 360K (LIVE)
Genre: Religion Language: En, He, Ru, .. Style: LIVE

God TV Bitrate: High (God TV - UK)
God TV is a Christian television station headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. The station commenced broadcasting in the UK as the Christian Channel Europe.
God TV - United Kingdom High (LIVE)
God TV - United States High (LIVE)
God TV - Australia High (LIVE)
God TV - Special Events High (LIVE)
God TV - Africa High (LIVE)
God TV - Asia High (LIVE)
God TV - The Prayer Room High (LIVE)
Genre: Religion Language: English Style: LIVE

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