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TV Channels

Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
Télé 50 General French
Télé 50 is a privately owned television station headquartered in Kinshasa. LIVE

TV RATELKI General French
Radio Télévision Kimbanguiste (RATELKI) is a commercial broadcaster in Kinshasa. LIVE

Onewo TV News, etc. French, English
Onewo TV is an Internet television station that broadcasts RTNC's programs. LIVE

Congo Planet TV Music,
French, English
Congo Planet TV is an internet TV station offering Christian and Congolese music. LIVE

Nyota TV News (Regional) French
Nyota TV is a commercial broadcaster based in Lubumbashi. News videos are available. VOD

B-One TV News French
B-One TV is a commercial TV station based in Kinshasa. News Videos are available. VOD

Digital Congo RTV News French
Digital Congo RTV is a commercial broadcaster in Kinshasa. News videos are available. VOD

Canal CVV Int'l Religion French
Canal CVV International is a Christian TV station based in Kinshasa. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Democratic Republic of the Congo

République démocratique du Congo (French)

Republíki ya Kongó Demokratíki (Lingala)

Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo (Swahili)

Ditunga dia Kongu wa Mungalaata (Tshiluba)
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Official : French

Recognised : Lingala, Kituba, Swahili, Tshiluba
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