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TV Channels

Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
ATB Generalist Spanish
ATB is a free-to-air television network based in La Paz. [ 3 channels ] LIVE

Red Uno de Bolivia Generalist Spanish
Red Uno de Bolivia is a commercial TV station in La Paz. [ 3 channels ] LIVE

Abya Yala TV News, Cilture, etc. Spanish
Abya Yala TV is a commercial TV station offering news and cultural programs. LIVE

PAT Bolivia Generalist Spanish
PAT Bolivia is a free-to-air TV network headquartered in Santa Cruz. [ 2 channels ] LIVE

TVU Education, Culture, News, Entertainment Spanish
TVU is a terrestrial TV statation operated by Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz. LIVE

Cinerama TV Entertainment, Culture Spanish
Cinerama TV is a cable TV channel offering entertainment and cultural programs. LIVE

Tele Estella Generalist Spanish
Tele Estrella is a satellite TV channel headquartered in El Alto, La Paz Department. LIVE

Radio FMBolivia News, Information (Local) Spanish
Radio FMBolivia is a satellite TV channel based in Chulumani, La Paz Department. LIVE

SEO TV Entertainment, Dramas, Movies, etc. Spanish
SEO TV a free-to-air TV network based in Batallas, La Paz Department. [ 4 channels ] LIVE

GogoPlay TV Animated Series, etc. Spanish
GogoPlay TV is a children's TV channel offering animated series, movies and more. LIVE

Canal CVC Religion Spanish
Canal CVC is a Christian-based TV station based in El Alto, La Paz Department. LIVE

Red ADvenir Religion Spanish
Red ADvenir Internacional is a Christian TV station in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Plurinational State of Bolivia (English)

Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia (Spanish)

Buliwya Mamallaqta (Quechua)

Wuliwya Suyu (Aymara)

Tetã Volívia (Guaraní)
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Spanish (Español), Quechua, Aymara, Guaraní, and 33 other native languages
Current Time
Current Time in Bolivia
Sucre (Constitutional Capital)

La Paz (De Facto Capital)
Newspapers in Bolivia
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