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Shanghai Media Group News, Entertainment, Culture, etc. Chinese
Shanghai Media Group (SMG / 上海广播电视台 is a media conglomerate based in Shanghai. It operates various channels, such as STV News & General (STV 新闻综合频道), Dragon TV (东方卫视), ICS (上海外语频道), DocuTV (上海纪实人文频道), Yicai TV (第一财经), and more. [ 6 channels ] LIVE

Pudong TV Generalist English
Pudong TV (浦东电视台) is a local TV station based in Pudong District. LIVE

Shanghai Education TV Education Chinese
Shanghai Education TV (上海教育电视台) is an educational TV station in Yangpu District. LIVE

Yicai TV (第一财经) News (Business, Finance) Chinese
Yicai TV (第一财经) is a business and financial news network. [ 2 channels ] LIVE

OCJ Shopping Chinese
OCJ (东方购物 / 东方CJ) is a shopping TV network owned by SMG in Shanghai. LIVE

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Country Name
People's Republic of China

中华人民共和国 (Chinese)
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上海市 (Chinese)
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