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Shanghai Media Group News, Entertainment, Culture, etc. Chinese
Shanghai Media Group (SMG / 上海广播电视台 is a media conglomerate based in Shanghai. It operates various channels, such as STV News & General (STV 新闻综合频道), Dragon TV (东方卫视), Channel Young (星尚频道), Art & Culture Channel (艺术人文频道), Entertainment Channel (新娱乐), ICS (上海外语频道), DocuTV (上海纪实频道), Yicai TV (第一财经), and more. [ 9+ channels ] LIVE

Jinshan TV General (Local) English
Jinshan TV (金山电视台) is a local TV station based in Jinshan District. LIVE

Pudong TV General English
Pudong TV (浦东电视台) is a local TV station based in Pudong District. LIVE

Fengxian TV General (Local) English
Fengxian TV (奉贤广播电视台) is a local TV station based in Fengxian District. LIVE

Yicai TV (第一财经) News (Business, Finance) Chinese
Yicai TV (第一财经) is a business and financial news network. [ 2 channels ] LIVE

Knews 24 News Chinese
Knews 24 (看看新闻) is an online news channel owned by SMG. LIVE

OCJ Shopping Chinese
OCJ (东方购物 / 东方CJ) is a shopping TV network owned by SMG in Shanghai. LIVE

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People's Republic of China

中华人民共和国 (Chinese)
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上海市 (Chinese)
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