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Regional / Local TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
 [ Antwerp ] 
ATV Generalist (Regional) Dutch (Flemish)
ATV is a regional television station in Antwerp, Antwerp province. LIVE
 [ Brussels ] 
BX1 Generalist (Regional) French
BX1 (formerly: Télé Bruxelles) is a cable TV channel for Brussels-Capital Region. LIVE

Bruzz Generalist (Regional) Dutch (Flemish)
Bruzz is a non-profit Flemish TV station for Brussels. It is based in Ixelles (Elsene). LIVE

 [ East Flanders ] 
TV Oost Generalist (Local) Dutch (Flemish)
TV Oost is a regional television channel based in Sint-Niklaas, East Flanders. LIVE
 [ Flemish Brabant ] 
ROB-tv Generalist (Regional) Dutch (Flemish)
ROB-tv is a regional TV station based in Leuven, Flemish Brabant. LIVE
 [ Hainaut ] 
Notélé Generalist (Local) French
Notélé is a local television station based in Tournai, and serving Western Hainaut. LIVE

 [ Limburg ] 
TV Limburg Generalist (Regional) Dutch (Flemish)
TV Limburg (TVL) is a cable television channel based in Hasselt, Limburg. LIVE
 [ Namur ] 
Matélé Generalist (Local) French
Matélé is a local TV station based in Rochefort, province of Namur. LIVE
 [ West Flanders ] 
Focus en WTV Generalist (Regional) Dutch (Flemish)
Focus en WTV (Focus & WTV) are regional TV station serving West Flanders. LIVE

Music TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
Fun Vision Music French
Fun Vision is a streaming music channel that plays electropop, R&B, dance and eurodance music. LIVE

VRT MAX Music (Pop, Rock, etc.), Talk Show Dutch (Flemish)
VRT MAX is a streaming video platform of VRT, a public broadcaster of Belgium. LIVE

Qmusic Music Dutch (Flemish)
Qmusic is an FM radio station and offers live radio programs with studio video feeds. LIVE

Children's TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
Ketnet Junior Children Dutch (Flemish)
Ketnet Junior is a Dutch-language children's TV channel operated by VRT. LIVE

News / General TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
EbS News, Information, Legislature 23 languages
Europe by Satellite (EbS) is the satellite television network of the European Union. LIVE

RTBF Generalist, News French
RTBF is a public broadcaser for Belgian French Community. (LIVE: registration needed) LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Kingdom of Belgium

Koninkrijk België (Dutch)

Royaume de Belgique (French)

Königreich Belgien (German)
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Current Time
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Brussel (Dutch)

Bruxelles (French)
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