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 [ A ] 
ACTV PEG Access TV English
Amherst Community Access TV (ACTV) is the town's PEG access TV station. LIVE
 [ B ] 
BCTV PEG Access TV English
Bedford Community TV (BCTV) is a PEG access TV station for the town of Bedford. LIVE
 [ C ] 
Concord TV PEG Access TV English
Concord TV is a non profit TV station serving the residents of the city of Concord. LIVE
 [ D ] 
NH1 News (Local) English
NH1 is a local news network based in Derry, NH. News videos are available. VOD
 [ D ] 
DNTV Govt Access TV English
DNTV (Channel 22) is the government-access TV station of the city of Dover. LIVE
 [ K ] 
Cheshire TV Public Access TV English
Cheshire TV is a public-access television station based in Keene, New Hampshire. LIVE
 [ L ] 
LRPA Channel 25 Public Access TV English
Lakes Region Public Access (LRPA) serves Laconia and the surrounding areas. LIVE

 [ L ] 
LACTV Public / Govt Access TV English
Londonderry Access Community TV (LACTV) serves the town of Londonderry. LIVE
 [ M ] 
Manchester Public TV PEG Access TV English
Manchester Public TV (MPTS) is the PEG-access TV station of the city of Manchester. LIVE

WMUR-TV News (Local) English
WMUR-TV is an ABC-affiliated TV station based in Manchester, New Hampshire. LIVE
 [ M ] 
Granite Town Media PEG Access TV English
Granite Town Media (GTM) is the PEG-access TV station of the town of Milford. LIVE
 [ N ] 
Nashua Community TV PEG Access TV English
Nashua Community TV (CTV) is the city's PEG-access television station. LIVE

Access Nashua Public Access TV English
Access Nashua is a public-access TV channel serving the city of Nashua, NH. LIVE
 [ P ] 
Channel 22 Govt Access TV English
Portsmouth's Government TV Channel 22 is the city's gov't access channel. LIVE

PPMTV Public Access TV English
Portsmouth Public Media (PPMTV) is a public-access TV station serving Portsmouth. LIVE
 [ S ] 
SCTV-17 Public Access TV English
Salem Community TV (SCTV-17) is a public access TV station serving Salem. LIVE
 [ Statewide ] 
NHPTV Public TV English
New Hampshire Public TV (NHPTV) is a PBS member network in NH. VOD

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