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Scientific TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
NASA TV Space, Education English
NASA TV is a cable & satellite TV network run by NASA. Live streams & videos are available. LIVE Nature, Animals (Webcams / Films) English provides live wildlife/nature webcams and documentary films. LIVE

Smithsonian Channel Science, Nature, Culture, etc. English
Smithsonian Channel is a documentary TV channel. Videos are available. VOD

National Geographic Nature, Science, Culture, etc. English
National Geographic is a documentary TV channel. Videos are available. VOD

LiveScience Science English
LiveScience is a science news website. News videos can be viewed on the website. VOD Science English is a space and astronomy news website. Space news videos are available. VOD

Science Channel Science, Technology English
Science is a satellite TV network focusing on science and technology. VOD

Educational TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
 [ Arizona ] 
NAU-TV Education English
NAU-TV is an educational TV channel owned by Northern Arizona University. LIVE
 [ Arkansas ] 
UALRTV Education English
UALRTV is an educational TV station run by University of Arkansas at Little Rock. LIVE

 [ California ] 
UCTV Education English
University of California Television (UCTV) is an educational TV station based in La Jolla. LIVE

Beach TV News (Local) English
Beach TV is an educational TV channel run by California State University, Long Beach. LIVE
 [ Kansas ] 
KUJH-TV Education,
Public Affairs
KUJH-TV is the student television station of the University of Kansas. LIVE
 [ Louisiana ] 
Southeastern Channel Education, Sports English
Southeastern Channel is an educational TV owned by Southeastern Louisiana Univ.. LIVE
 [ Iowa ] 
The Daily Iowan / DITV News (Local), Sports English
The Daily Iowan is the Univ. of Iowa's student-run newspaper, offering news clips. VOD
 [ Michigan ] 
OUTV Education English
Oakland University TV (OUTV) is a cable TV station owned by Oakland University. LIVE
 [ Missouri ] 
LUTV Education, Culture English
Lindenwood University TV (LUTV) is an educational TV channel in St. Charles, MO. LIVE
 [ New York ] 
OTN Education, Culture English
Orange Television Network (OTN) is the student TV station of Syracuse University. LIVE

ICTV Education, Culture English
ICTV is a student-run TV channel owned by Ithaca College, located in Ithaca, NY. LIVE
 [ Oklahoma ] 
OUTV Education, Culture English
OUTV is an educational access TV station run by the University of Oklahoma. LIVE
 [ Oregon ] 
KBVR-TV Education, Music, Culture, etc. English
KBVR-TV (KBVR 26) is a student-produced TV station of Oregon State University. LIVE

 [ Pennsylvania ] 
Temple TV Education, Culture English
Temple TV (TUTV) is an educational and cultural TV station owned by Temple University. LIVE
 [ Tennessee ] 
GHS-TV Education, Culture, Entertainment English
GHS-TV is a student-run TV station owned by Germantown High School (Tennessee). LIVE
 [ Texas ] 
Texas Student TV Public,
Texas Student Television (TSTV) is the student-run TV of The University of Texas at Austin. LIVE
 [ Virginia ] 
NVCC-TV Education English
NVCC-TV is an educational TV station, run by Northern Virginia Community College. LIVE

GMU-TV Education English
GMU-TV is an educational TV station that is owned by George Mason University (VA). LIVE
 [ Washington ] 
UWTV Education English
UWTV is an educational TV station owned by the University of Washington. LIVE

SCCtv Education English
SCCtv is an educational TV station operated by Seattle Community College District. LIVE
 [ Washington, D.C. ] 
UDC-TV Education English
UDC-TV is an educational TV channel of the Univ. of the District of Columbia. LIVE
 [ West Virginia ] 
WLU-TV Public, Education English
WLU-TV is a public-access TV station run by West Liberty University. LIVE

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