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Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
NHK World TV General, News English
NHK World is the int'l channel of Japan's public broadcaster NHK. LIVE

NTV News 24 News Japanese
NTV News 24 (日テレNEWS24) is a satellite news channel owned by NTV. LIVE

Houdoukyoku News Japanese
Houdoukyoku (ホウドウキョク) is an online news channel owned by Fuji TV. LIVE

AbemaTV General, Entertainment Japanese
AbemaTV is a 24-hour Internet TV station based in Tokyo. (LIVE: in JP only) LIVE

SOLiVE24 Weather Japanese
SOLiVE24 is a satellite weather news channel based in Chiba. LIVE

Nikkei Channel Business Japanese
Nikkei Channel is a business information channel. LIVE

TBS NEWS News Japanese
TBS NEWS is an online news portal run by Tokyo-based TBS. VOD

FNN News News Japanese
FNN is a news network run by Fuji TV. News videos also available. VOD

ANN News News Japanese
ANN is a news network run by TV Asahi. News videos are available. VOD

Channel JAPAN Economy, Business English
- offers informative programs such as business and culture. (sometimes off-air) LIVE

Japanese Gov't Internet TV News, Information Japanese
A web TV station run by Cabinet Secretariat & Cabinet Office. VOD

House of Representives TV Legislature (Diet) Japanese
The lower house of the National Diet. Live & recorded videos. LIVE

House of Councillors TV Legislature (Diet) Japanese
The upper house. Live and recorded videos are available. LIVE

QVC Japan Shopping Japanese
A shopping channel based in Chiba. (a subsidiary of US QVC). LIVE

Shop Channel Shopping Japanese
A home shopping channel headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. LIVE

Japanet Channel DX Shopping Japanese
A home shopping channel headquartered in Sasebo, Nagasaki. LIVE

GSTV Shopping Japanese
A jewellery shopping channel based in Koto-ku, Tokyo. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Japan (Nippon / Nihon)

日本 (Japanese)
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