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Kantipur TV News, etc. Nepali
Kantipur TV is a terrestrial & satellite TV station headquartered in Kathmandu. LIVE

Avenues Khabar News Nepali
Avenues Khabar is a news and current affairs channel based in Kathmandu. LIVE

Nepal Television (NTV) Generalist, News, Entertainment Nepali
Nepal Television (NTV) is the national public TV station of Nepal, located in Kathmandu. LIVE

Janata TV News, Entertainment Nepali
Janata TV (জনতা টেলিভিশন) is a news and entertainment channel in Kathmandu. LIVE

Indigenous Television News, Culture, Entertainment Bantawa, Chamling, Tamang, ..
Indigenous TV is an online TV channel that provides informative programs to diverse ethnic groups. LIVE

Triveni Television News, Information (Local) Nepali
Triveni Television is a local TV station based in Parasi District, Lumbini Province. LIVE

Mountain TV News, Current Affairs Nepali
Mountain TV is a news and current affairs channel based in Lalitpur, Bagmati Province. LIVE

News24 Nepal News Nepali
News 24 Nepal is a 24-hour news channel based in Kathmandu. LIVE

Image Channel Generalist, News Nepali, English
Image Channel is a commercial TV station headquartered in Kathmandu. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

सङ्घीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र नेपाल (Nepali)
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