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Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
TV Aarhus Generalist (Local) Danish
TV Aarhus is a local television channel based in Aarhus, Region Midtjylland. LIVE

TV 2 | Østjylland Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV 2 | Østjylland (TV2 OJ) is a regional TV channel based in Aarhus, Midtjylland. LIVE

TV2 Nord Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV2 Nord (TV2 N) is a regional TV station based in Aabybro, Region Nordjylland. LIVE

TV2 Øst Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV2 Øst is a regional TV station based in Vordingborg, Region Zealand (Sjælland). LIVE

TV2 Fyn Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV 2 Fyn is a regional TV channel serving the island of Funen (Fyn). LIVE

TV 2 Lorry Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV 2 Lorry is a regional channel based in Frederiksberg, Region Hovedstaden. LIVE

TV MIDTVEST Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV MIDTVEST is a regional TV channel based in Holstebro, Region Midtjylland. LIVE

TV Syd Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV Syd (TVS) is a regional TV channel based in Kolding, Region Syddanmark. LIVE

TV 2 / Bornholm Generalist (Regional) Danish
TV 2 / Bornholm is a regional TV station serving the island of Bornholm. LIVE

Folketinget Parliament Danish
Tv-kanalen Folketinget is the official TV channel of Danish national parliament Folketinget. LIVE

DR Generalist, News, etc. Danish
DR is a Danish public-service broadcaster. (Live streams are only available in DK) LIVE

KKRtv Religion Danish
KKRtv is a Christian TV station based in Copenhagen Region Hovedstaden. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Kingdom of Denmark

Kongeriget Danmark (Danish)
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Official : Danish

Recognized : Faroese, Greenlandic, German
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