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Sama TV News, Current Affairs Arabic
Sama TV (قناة سما الفضائية) is a Syrian satellite news channel based in Damascus. LIVE

Halab Today TV News, Information Arabic
Halab Today TV (قناة حلب اليوم) is a satellite news channel based in Aleppo (Halab). LIVE

Syrian TV Generalist, News, Culture Arabic
Syrian TV (القناة الفضائية السورية / Syrian Satellite Ch.) is a gov't-owned satellite TV channel. LIVE

Alikhbaria Syria News Arabic
Alikhbaria Syria (الإخبارية السورية / Syrian News Channel) is a gov't-owned news channel. LIVE

Syrian Drama TV Drama Arabic
Syrian Drama TV (قناة الدراما السورية) is a government-owned television drama channel. LIVE

Syrian Education TV Education Arabic
Syrian Education TV (القناة الفضائية التربوية السورية) is a satellite TV channel run by the Min. of Edu.. LIVE

Syria TV (Turkey) News, Information Arabic
Syrian TV (تلفزيون سوريا) is a satellite TV channel for Syrian people It living in Syria and the Middle East. LIVE

Nour El-Sham Religion Arabic
Nour El-Sham (قناة نور الشام) is a government-owned religious TV station. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Syrian Arab Republic

الجمهورية العربية السورية (Arabic)
Home > Middle East > Syria
Arabic (العربية)
Current Time
Current Time in Syria
Largest City
Aleppo (Halab)
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