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 [ B ] 
KTVZ News (Local) English
KTVZ is an NBC-affiliated television station, licensed to Bend, Oregon. LIVE
 [ C ] 
CCGC Govt Access TV English
CCGC is the government-access TV station of Clackamas County. LIVE
 [ C ] 
KBVR-TV Education, Music, Culture, etc. English
KBVR-TV (KBVR 26) is a student-produced TV station of Oregon State University. LIVE
 [ E ] 
KMTR News (Local) English
KMTR (NBC 16) is a local TV station for the Eugene / Springfield DMA. LIVE

KVAL-TV News (Local) English
KVAL-TV (CBS 13) is a CBS affiliate based in Eugene. News videos are available. VOD

KEZI News (Local) English
KEZI is an ABC affiliate licensed to Eugene, OR. News videos are available. VOD

The UO Channel Education English
The UO Channel is an educational-access TV station run by the University of Oregon. LIVE

 [ J ] 
RVTV PEG Access TV English
Rogue Valley Community TV (RVTV) is a PEG-acesss TV station for Jackson Co.. LIVE
 [ M ] 
KDRV News (Local) English
KDRV (NewsWatch 12) is an ABC affiliate based in Medford, Oregon. LIVE

KOBI / KOTI News (Local) English
KOBI-TV (NBC 5) is an NBC affiliate in Medford. News videos are available. VOD

KTVL News (Local) English
KTVL (News 10) is a CBS affiliate licensed to Medford. News videos sre available. VOD
 [ P ] 
KPTV News (Local) English
KPTV (Fox 12) is a Fox-affiliated TV station based in Portland, Oregon. LIVE

KOIN News (Local) English
KOIN 5 is a CBS television affiliate in Portland, Oregon. LIVE

KATU News (Local) English
KATU 2 is an ABC affiliate serving Portland. News videos are available. VOD

KGW News (Local) English
KGW is an NBC-affiliated TV station for Portland. News videos are available. VOD

PPS 28 Education English
PPS 28 is an educational-access TV station run by Portland Public Schools. LIVE

KUNP News (Local) Spanish
KUNP, a Univision affiliate, is a Spanish TV channel serving Portland. LIVE

 [ S ] 
SCAN-TV PEG Access TV English
SCAN-TV is a PEG access TV station serving the city of Silverton. LIVE
 [ W ] 
Wilsonville TV PEG Access TV English
Wilsonville TV is the City of Wilsonville's government-access TV channel. LIVE
 [ Statewide ] 
OPB Public TV English
OPB is a public broadcaster serving Oregon. Various videos are available. VOD

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