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AlexTV Government Access TV English
AlexTV is the City of Alexandria's government-access cable television channel. LIVE
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NVCC-TV Education English
NVCC-TV is an educational TV station run by Northern Virginia Community College. LIVE
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Arlington Independent Media Public Access TV English
Arlington Independent Media (AIM) is a community media center based in Arlington. LIVE

WJLA-TV (ABC 7) News (Local) English
WJLA-TV (ABC 7) is an ABC affiliate serving Washington DC, Arlington and environs. LIVE

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WCYB-TV (News 5) News (Local) English
WCYB-TV (News 5) is an NBC affiliate for the Tri-Cities of Virginia and Tennessee. LIVE

WJHL-TV News (Local) English
WJHL-TV is a local TV station serving the Tri-Cities of Tennessee and Virginia. LIVE
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WVIR-TV (NBC 29) News (Local) English
WVIR-TV (NBC 29) is an NBC-affiliated TV station based in Charlottesville, Virginia. LIVE

WCAV (CBS 19) News (Local) English
WCAV (CBS 19) is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Charlottesville, VA. LIVE
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Fairfax County Government TV Government Access TV English
Fairfax County Government TV is the county's government access TV station. LIVE

Channel 12 Government Access TV English
Channel 12 is the city of Fairfax's government access television station. LIVE
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Hampton TV Government Access TV English
Hampton TV is the city of Hampton's government access television station. LIVE

WHCS 46 Education English
WHCS 46 is an educational access TV station run by Hampton City Public Schools. LIVE
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WVSV TV-3 News (Local) English
WVSV TV-3 is an ABC-affiliated TV station based in Harrisonburg, VA. LIVE

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JCC TV Government Access TV English
James City County TV (JCC TV) is the county's government-access TV station. LIVE
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WSET-TV (ABC 13) News (Local) English
WSET-TV (ABC 13) is an ABC affiliate serving Lynchburg, Roanoke and environs. LIVE
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NNPS-TV Education English
NNPS-TV is an educational-access TV station run by Newport News Public Schools. LIVE
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WTKR-TV (News 3) News (Local) English
WTKR-TV (News 3) is a CBS affiliate serving the Norfolk, Virginia area. LIVE

WNPS-TV News (Local) English
WNPS-TV is an educational-access TV station run by Norfolk Public Schools. LIVE
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Heritage TV Local TV English
Heritage TV is a local cable TV channel based in Norton and serving southwest Virginia. LIVE
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WAVY-TV News (Local) English
WAVY-TV is an NBC affiliate based in Portsmouth and serving the Hampton Roads region. LIVE
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WWBT (NBC 12) News (Local) English
WWBT (NBC 12) is an NBC-affiliated television station based in Richmond, Virginia. LIVE

WRIC-TV (8News) News (Local) English
WRIC-TV (8News) is an ABC affiliate serving Richmond, Petersburg and environs. LIVE

WTVR-TV (CBS 6) News (Local) English
WTVR-TV (CBS 6) is a CBS-affiliated television station based in Richmond, VA. LIVE

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WDBJ7 News (Local) English
WDBJ7 is a CBS-affiliated TV station headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. LIVE
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WYCG-TV Government Access TV English
WYCG-TV is the government-access television station of York County. LIVE

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