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TV Channels

Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
CGTN English News English
CGTN (中国环球电视网) an English news channel owned by CGTN. LIVE

CGTN Français News, Culture French
CGTN Français ( - 法语频道) is the French-language TV channel based in Beijing. LIVE

CGTN en Español News, Culture Spanish
CGTN en Español ( - 西班牙语频道) is the Spanish TV channel of CGTN. LIVE

CGTN America News English
CGTN America is an English news channel run by China's CGTN. LIVE

CGTN Documentary Documentaries English
CGTN Documentary ( - 纪录频道) is a documentary TV channel. LIVE

CGTN Arabic News, Culture Arabic
CGTN Arabic (CGTN-العربية / - 阿拉伯语频道) is an Arabic TV channel. LIVE

CGTN Europe News, Information English
CGTN Europe an English-language news and information channel for Europe. LIVE

CGTN Russian News, Culture Russian
CGTN Russian ( - на русском / - 俄语频道) is a Russian TV channel. LIVE

CCTV-1 Generalist Chinese
CCTV-1 (央视 綜合頻道) is the primary TV channel of CCTV. LIVE

CCTV-2 News (Business) Chinese
CCTV-2 (央视 财经频道) is a business & financial news channel. LIVE

CCTV-3 Entertainment Chinese
CCTV-3 (央视 综艺頻道) is a general entertainment channel. LIVE

CCTV-4 Generalist (International) Chinese
CCTV-4 (央视 中文国际频道) is an international TV channel. LIVE

CCTV-6 Entertainment (Movies) Chinese
CCTV-6 (央视 电影频道) is CCTV's movie channel. LIVE

CCTV-7 Military, Defense Chinese
CCTV-7 (军事·农业频道) is a national defense and military channel. LIVE

CCTV-8 Entertainment (Drama) Chinese
CCTV-8 (央视 电视剧频道) is a drama channel. LIVE

CCTV-9 Documentaries Chinese
CCTV-9 (央视 纪录频道) is a documentary channel based in Beijing. LIVE

CCTV-10 Science, Education Chinese
CCTV-10 (央视 科教频道) is a science- and education-focused channel. LIVE

CCTV-11 Chinese Opera Chinese
CCTV-11 (戏曲频道) is the Chinese opera channel of CCTV. LIVE

CCTV-13 News Chinese
CCTV-13 (央视 新闻频道) is a 24-hour news channel run by CCTV. LIVE

CCTV-14 Children Chinese
CCTV-14 (央视 少儿频道) is a children's channel run by CCTV. LIVE

CCTV-15 Music Chinese
CCTV-15 (央视 音乐频道) is a music TV channel based in Beijing. LIVE

CCTV-17 Music Chinese
CCTV-17 (央视 音乐频道) is an agricultural & rural information channel. LIVE

China Education TV Education Chinese
China Education TV (中国教育电视台) is an educational TV station. LIVE

Ugo Shop Shopping Chinese
Ugo Shop (优品惠) is a home shopping television channel based in Beijing. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
People's Republic of China

中华人民共和国 (Chinese)
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