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Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
ONT General Russian, Belarusian
Obshchenatsional'noe Televidenie (ONT) is a nationwide TVstation based in Minsk. LIVE

Beralrus 24 News Belarusian, Russian
Beralrus 24 is a satellite news channel run by the state-owned Belteleradiocompany (TVR). LIVE

Beralrus 1 General Belarusian, Russian
Beralrus 1 is the flagship television channel of the state-owned Belteleradiocompany (TVR). LIVE

Stolichnoye TV News Russian, Belarusian
Stolichnoye TV (CTV / Ru: СТВ / By: СТБ) is a news channel based in Minsk. LIVE

TRO Soyuz General Russian, Belarusian
TRO Soyuz is a satellite TV channel establihed by Russia and Belarus. LIVE

Belsat TV News, Entertainment Belarusian
Belsat TV is a satellite TV channel aimed at Belarus. It is owned by TVP. LIVE

Mir General Russian
Mir (Belarus) is a Russian-language TV station owned by Moscow-based Mir TV. LIVE

First Music Channel Music English, Ru, Be
First Music Channel is a satellite music channel in Belarus. LIVE

TVR Gomel News (Regional) Russian
TVR Gomel is a regional TV station based in Gomel. News videos are available. VOD

Country Information

Country Name
Republic of Belarus

Рэспубліка Беларусь (Belarusian)

Республика Беларусь (Russian)
Home > Europe > Belarus
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Home > Europe > Belarus