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TV Channels

Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
RTK General Albanian,
RTK is the public broadcaster based in Pristina. [ 4 channels available ] LIVE

Rrokum TV General Albanian
Rrokum TV is a cable TV station based in Pristina, Kosovo. LIVE

Syri Vision General (Regional) Albanian
Syri Vision is a regional TV station based in Đakovica, District of Đakovica. LIVE

TV Besa General (Regional) Albanian
Radio dhe Televizioni Besa (RTV Besa) is a regional broadcaster in Prizren. LIVE

RTV Puls General (Regional) Serbian
RTV Puls is a Serbian-language TV station based in Gjilan, District of Gjilan. LIVE

Arta TV News Albanian
Arta TV is a Kosovar news channel and a sister channel of Kohavision. LIVE

RTV Mir General (Regional) Serbian
RTV Mir is a Serbian-language cable TV channel based in Leposavić, Mitrovica. LIVE

TV Opoja Local News, Music, etc. Serbian
TV Opoja is a local TV station offering Kosovan music and local programs. LIVE

RTV21 News Albanian
RTV21 is a commercial TV channel based in Pristina. News videos are available. VOD

TV Most News (Regional) Albanian
TV Most is a regional TV based in Zvečan, Mitrovica. News videos are available. VOD

Zico TV General (Regional) Serbian
Zico TV is a Serbian-language TV channel based in Gjilan, District of Gjilan. VOD

Peace TV Shqip Religion Albanian
Peace TV Shqip is an Albanian-language Islamic TV station based in Pristina. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Republic of Kosovo

Republika e Kosovës (Albanian)

Република Косово (Serbian Cyrillic)

Republika Kosovo (Gaj's Latin)
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Official : Albanian, Serbian

Recognised : Bosnian, Turkish, Gorani, Romani
Current Time
Current Time in Kosovo
Pristina (Prishtina / Priština / Prishtinë)
Newspapers in Kosovo

Kosovo - Watch live streaming TV online for free

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