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Russia: Nationwide TV (1)

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National / General TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
Russia 1 General Russian
Russia 1 (Rossiya 1 / Россия-1) is a state-owned TV channel. LIVE

Russia RTR General Russian
Russia RTR (RTR Planeta) is the international TV channel of VGTRK. LIVE

MIR TV General Russian
MIR TV (МИР ТВ) is a Russian TV and radio station based in Moscow. LIVE

TV Centre General Russian
TV Centre (ТВ Центр) is a satellite TV channel owned by the City of Moscow. LIVE

REN TV General Russian
REN TV (РЕН ТВ) is a commercial TV station offering news and entertainment programs. LIVE

OTR General Russian
OTR (ОТР) is a terrestrial TV station headquartered in Moscow. LIVE

Channel One General Russian
Channel One (Perviy kanal) is a nationwide TV channel headquartered in Moscow. LIVE

News Channels
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
Russia 24 News Russian
Russia 24 (Россия-24) is a Russian-language news channel owned by VGTRK. LIVE

RT News Russian
RT is a multilingual news network that is funded by the Russian government. LIVE

RT en Español News, Politics, Sports, etc. Russian
RT en Español is a Spanish TV channel that broadcasts news, politics, sports, etc. LIVE

RT Arabic News, Politics, Sports, etc. Russian
RT Arabic (روسيا اليوم) is an Arabic-language news channel owned by Moscow-based RT. LIVE

RT en français News, etc. Russian
RT en français is a French news channel based in Paris and part of the RT Network. LIVE

MIR 24 News Russian
MIR 24 (МИР 24) is a Russian news and information channel based in Moscow. LIVE

Moscow 24 (Moskva 24) News, Information Russian
Moscow 24 (Moskva 24 / Москва 24) is a 24-hour news & information channel. LIVE

Telekanal RBK News (Business) Russian
Telekanal RBK (Телеканал РБК / RBC) is a 24-hour business news channel. LIVE

Sports Channel
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
Russian Extreme Extreme Sports Russian
Russian Extreme is a cable and satellite TV channel specialized in extreme sports. LIVE

ACB TV Folk Music, Martial Arts Russian
ACB TV features programs of Russian folk music and martial arts. LIVE

Legislative TV
Live Streaming / Videos Genre Language
Vmeste RF Legislature, Documentaries Russian
Vmeste RF is a Russian legislative television channel run by the Federation Council. LIVE

Country Information

Country Name
Russian Federation

Росси́йская Федерaция (Russian)
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