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WJBK (Fox 2 Detroit) News (Local) English
WJBK (Fox 2 Detroit) is a Fox-owned TV station based in Detroit, MI. LIVE

WXYZ-TV (7 Action News) News (Local) English
WXYZ-TV (7 Action News) is an ABC affiliate based in Detroit, Michigan. LIVE

WDIV (Local 4) News (Local) English
WDIV (Local 4) is an NBC-affiliated TV station located in Detroit, Michigan. LIVE

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WJRT-TV (ABC 12) News (Local) English
WJRT-TV is an ABC affiliate licensed to Flint and serving the Flint/Tri-Cities area. LIVE

WEYI-TV (NBC 25) News (Local) English
WEYI-TV (NBC 25) is an NBC affiliated TV station based in Flint, Michigan. LIVE
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WXMI (Fox 17) News (Local) English
WXMI (Fox 17) is a Fox-affiliated TV station licensed to Grand Rapids, MI. LIVE

WOOD-TV (TV8) News (Local) English
WOOD-TV (TV8) is an NBC-affiliated TV station licensed to Grand Rapids, Michigan. LIVE
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WWMT (News Channel 3) News (Local) English
WWMT is a CBS affiliate licensed to Kalamazoo and serving west Michigan. LIVE

Public Media Network PEG Access TV English
Public Media Network (PMN) is PEG-access TV station based in Kalamazoo. [ 5 channels ] LIVE
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WMNN (NEWSnet Northern Michigan) News (Local) English
WMNN (NEWSnet Northern Michigan) is a local news channel licensed in Lake City. LIVE
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WLNS-TV (6 News) News (Local) English
WLNS-TV (6 News) is a CBS-affiliated TV station licensed to Lansing, MI. LIVE

WSYM-TV (Fox 47) News (Local) English
WSYM-TV (Fox 47) is a Fox-affiliated TV station licensed to Lansing, Michigan. LIVE

WILX-TV (News 10) News (Local) English
WILX-TV (News 10) is an NBC affiliate for Lansing and Jackson. LIVE

LCC TV Education English
LCC TV is an educational TV station and owned by Lansing Community College. LIVE

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WLUC-TV (TV6 / Fox UP) News (Local) English
WLUC-TV (TV6 / Fox UP) is a dual NBC/Fox affiliate licensed to Marquette, MI. LIVE
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HOMTV Government Access TV English
HOMTV is a government-access TV station operated by Meridian Township. LIVE
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Rochester TV Government Access TV English
Rochester TV is the City of Rochester's government access television station. LIVE
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WNEM (TV5) News (Local) English
WNEM (TV5) is a dual CBS/MyNetworkTV affiliate serving Saginaw and Flint. LIVE
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Sterling Heights TV Government Access TV English
Sterling Heights TV (SHTV) is the city's government-access television station. LIVE
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TACM Public / Government Access TV English
TACM is a community-access TV station serving the northwest Lower Michigan. LIVE

WGTU (UpNorthLive) News (Local) English
WGTU (UpNorthLive) is an ABC-affiliated TV station based in Traverse City. LIVE
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Channel 20 PEG Access TV English
Channel 20 is a PEG-access TV station owned by Waterford Charter Township. LIVE
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Civic Center TV (CCT) Government Access TV English
Civic Center TV (CCT) is a municipal TV channel serving West Bloomfield and environs. LIVE
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WKTV PEG Access TV English
WKTV is a community access TV station serving the cities of Wyoming and Kentwood. LIVE

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